Automatic Game Studio in The Cloud
Think you can do better than Candy Crush? With the Producer, you can create beautiful, social game loops in under 5 minutes. These are ready to go on any messenger platform, and monetize extremely well.

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Gameloop technology provides design and implementation for the game flow, UI, monetization, server, and social mechanics to build a beautiful and engaging leaderboard, turn-based or progression map game. You provide a fun high-score game, and our technology turns it into the next Candy Crush, Diamond Dash, Words with Friends, etc.


We make sure you have access to the network your players love best. Pick and choose from the top messenger apps, such as Facebook Connect, Line, Kakao, Tango and Kik. is the best way to use your players' favorite social graph to drive engagement with leaderboards, invites, gifting and challenges.

Game Engine Support

Build your game on Unity, Cocos2D-X, or DevKit, and see it running across all your devices. Everything from your iPad, android, iPhone, laptop, or TV can run a Weeby game. All of this functionality comes straight from your web browser.

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