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OTT Mobile

Ideal game loop for mobile chat flows


Progression map, Turn-based, & Leaderboard


$-driven core game loop & UI/UX


100M+ Mobile Messenger users


Weeby has built the most advanced leaderboard system in the world. Our full page leaderboards and the surrounding UI are completely customizable, so every screen looks and feels like it was built just for your game. Your users will be able to instantly see their friends and compete against them. All of our technology has been tested and proven with multiple game launches and millions of downloads.

Adventure Map

Our adventure map system lets you turn any simple arcade style game into the next Candy Crush, Jelly Splash, or Bubble Mania. As a game developer, you focus on what you do best: gameplay and level design. We handle everything else: Scrolling map, social leaderboards, item shops and more. All UI is immersive & fully themeable, so it's up to you to design the adventure map of your dreams. Just provide the art and our tech will turn it into reality.

Turn Based Async

Our asynchronous turn based system allows players to send direct challenges to anyone in their network and then compete head-to-head in multiple rounds for the highest score. It comes pre-built with viral invite flows, monetization and complete server support. We've launched multiple games on this system, and have optimized the flows and the technology to ensure hyper virality and reliable scalability.

OTT Social

Once you've integrated your game into Weeby, it's instantly compatible with all the top social networks, such as Facebook Connect, Line, Kakao, Tango and Kik. We make sure you have access to the network your players love best. Weeby is the best way to use your players' favorite social graph to drive engagement with leaderboards, invites, gifting and challenges.

Ultimate platform compatibility

All Weeby technologies are designed to be multiplatform from the ground up, running natively or in a web browser on iOS and Android as well as in desktop web browsers. Weeby integrates with any game built either natively for android or iOS or with tools such as Cocos2D, Unity, and Game Closure DevKit.

What is Weeby?

Weeby is a social game network

Anytime you turn on a Weeby game, your friends in the Weeby network instantly show up.

Weeby's fully-integrated social experience is available to everyone playing mobile games. Our mission is to connect users around the world in one unified game network: Weeby. To that end, we care about two key things: distribution/discovery for your game, and the social tools to make that a reality.