HTML5 and Native Mobile Gaming Technology
Web and Cloud-Based Xcode Replacement
The Weeby IDE is a cloud-hosted IDE with everything you need to create mobile games. We provide an editor, simulator, debugger, compiler, and complete linux environment. Think of it as a XCode and Android Studio replacement with a better approach that blends HTML5 and native mobile technology.
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Multi-Platform Engine
The Weeby Player is a multi-platform tool for developers. We support the typical iOS and Android, but also Windows, OS X, Linux, desktop/mobile Web, and many other platforms. Compile and embed the games right into your messenger app, mail client, ad unit, or even within other games built with older technology - and do so faster than any other 2D game engine on the market.
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Social Game-Loop Engine
The Weeby Producer is a game-loop engine. It’s the fastest and easiest way to build beautiful, customized game loops. The balance and flow of the game loop always marks the difference between a mega top-chart hit and a complete failure. We are the first engine to tackle game loops head on. Use our super-fast drag-and-drop customize tool to add carefully balanced and comprehensive UIs, servers, and social network integrations into any game.
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Game Engine Support

Build your game on Unity, Cocos2D-X, or DevKit, and see it running across all your devices. Everything from your iPad, Android, iPhone, laptop, or TV can run a Weeby game. All of this functionality comes straight from your web browser.

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